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03-09-2012, 06:01 AM
Originally Posted by SBCouto View Post
So here are the amount of times that each mission has been played so far. At this rate, there is no way that all the missions are going to be looked at by voters.
This may be in part because of the downtime of the server yesterday.
I would also suggest telling players to not make Klingon Missions as it's obvious that they are rarely played and a week isn't even enough to get them out of the 'Review' stage.

Mission Title: Staaaahl -14

Mission Title:Hollow Justice -16

Mission Title: Sacrifice -17

Mission Title: Shynga Incident -2

Mission Title: Catalyst -Not Found

Title: The Stahlonian Candidate -3

Mission Title: GOLEMS -11

Mission Title: Federation Desperation -3

Mission Title: Risian Sunset -6

Murder Most Moul -37

Fear the Revelation -10
This was a major concern of mine going into this. On the KDF side of things, it takes forever to get your mission past the review stage. In my opinion, all of these missions should be bypassed that review stage and immediately made "live".

I'd also like to see some more advertisement about the competition from Cryptic in-game. Hell, even a news post on the news section of these forums letting everyone know about the competition. As it stands right now, the only people who know about it are the people who regularly visit the Foundry section of the forums.