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03-09-2012, 09:36 AM
Originally Posted by Iamid
I had tested this w/another player last night. I used a turret, DHC, and DBB using disrupter DBB and polaron turret & DHC. The tet glider does hit side facings, and I was draining 78/facing per shot. I turret volley = 4 shots, 1 DBB volley = 4 shots, 1 DHC volley = 2 shots.

I got 78/facing by Astrometrics +10, 26x3 consoles, 24 deflector, 99 SP investment for 212 in Flow Caps @ 125 weapon power. The player subbed in various power insulator consoles and it made no difference to the damage to the side shield facings. There was no difference between a crit hit and a normal hit in terms of tet glider damage.

We didn't test how many volleys/skill (eg FaW CRF CVS). But this shows why this is so effective on ships using beams & faw as a team. Also, we didn't check to see if any captain powers reduce the tet glider damage.
So. the Fix need to get fixed, then after a weak the fixfix need to be fixed, and then the other things that broke because fixfix, need to get fixed. Thats the cryptic way...ughh