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03-09-2012, 10:23 AM
Originally Posted by Iamid
I had tested this w/another player last night. I used a turret, DHC, and DBB using disrupter DBB and polaron turret & DHC. The tet glider does hit side facings, and I was draining 78/facing per shot. I turret volley = 4 shots, 1 DBB volley = 4 shots, 1 DHC volley = 2 shots.

I got 78/facing by Astrometrics +10, 26x3 consoles, 24 deflector, 99 SP investment for 212 in Flow Caps @ 125 weapon power. The player subbed in various power insulator consoles and it made no difference to the damage to the side shield facings. There was no difference between a crit hit and a normal hit in terms of tet glider damage.

We didn't test how many volleys/skill (eg FaW CRF CVS). But this shows why this is so effective on ships using beams & faw as a team. Also, we didn't check to see if any captain powers reduce the tet glider damage.
If you were just reading your weapon readout on your own ship this is wrong, someone else specing into insulators won't change your readout.