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03-09-2012, 10:47 AM
Quite honestly I think the Bridge offficer powers are FINE as is, yea the science skill could use some more sci debuffs, but all in all I like the ballance,

What we need more of is consles that do things, not passives


Advanced Targeting Computer
Tactical Slot
Subsystem targeting 1 (2 if on science ship)

Reason, Tactics isn't always about dealing damage while this is represented by skills they can be trained in, this would just give the level one avalibility of the skills ((Like science ships)), they are about targeting key points on the enemy as well.

Beam-Warpcore connection
Enginering slot
Beam overload 1 (lv1)

Reason, Just because an enginer is not ussually going to mess with the beam array's sometimes you just need that extra UMPH that you get when you put an entire warpcore behind an attack again, it frees up a skill for something else but again, Its not that good its just a fancy way of saying I have Beam overload for free, but again the cost of an Enginerring slot might not be for you

Varying Beam Frequency Modulator
Science slot
10% (5% if resiliant) bleed through on 50% beams for 5 seconds
-10% (5% if resiliant) bleed througn on all beams for 5 seconds

This consle lets the science officer remodulate their ships beam weapons cyciling 1 random frequency per beam for 5 seconds, if the beam penetrates the Remodulation will stick for the volly before the remodulation causes the beam to break apart.

What this means is the ship will cycle 6 frequencys on your beams, each beam has a diffrent frequency attached to it, each one having a 50% chance to do no damage past shield or more damage to the hull. but this causes the beam to lose stability, meaning that after 5 seconds, your beams will not bleed through but will damage shields.