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03-09-2012, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by 0Gambit0 View Post
What you described seems to be the exact same thing that happened to me during a Cure Elite space run last night.

I zone in and my KaríFi starts popping like a hydraulic low-rider.

I thought that the problem had something to do with the latest TS3 update that I downloaded but it seems that itís being caused by the latest STO patch.

I hope none of the players that are affected by this are seizure prone.
Yep, you got it.

I zoned into "Ground Zero" last night, and the background of the Hobus System looked like a broken mirror in 2 locations, and my Venture class was bouncing up and down like flubber contained in a very small box.

Once I rotated the view so the flickering background was out of view, the bouncing of the ship stopped. When I rotated back so the flickering was in view, the bouncing resumed.

When I zoomed out, bouncing stopped again.

Oh, and.....

"All my friends know the low rider ..."