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03-09-2012, 03:11 PM
It was put in to address complaints about zooming in so far as to have your camera clip through parts of your ship.

The responsible party is exploring ways to make everyone happy.

Any time we change something, we do not know what players will complain about. This was done, by a dev, to address complaints he has seen. In his eyes (and anyone else involved's eyes), he was fixing a problem. He obviously didn't know (nor did any of us) that there would be a backlash over this. We do our best to guess at what you guys would like/not like, but the dissatisfied parties are always the ones we hear. We heard people dissatisfied with the zoom levels the way they were, so we changed them. No we hear from parties dissatisfied with the change. Neither party is going to comment to the positive when the change goes to their favor. (by and large)