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03-09-2012, 06:36 PM
Originally Posted by Sardoc
My prediction: we attempt to retake DS9, fail, so we plant charges on critical sections (EVA part), somehow manage to wipe out the Dominion Fleet when DS9 goes. The prophets, grateful for our protection of Bajor, provide a new Orb (of Possibilities), which is used to bring over a duplicate DS9. The sheer size if the station brought over shatters the orb, and we all get shards

Least that's my prediction.
Except for the fact that the Orb of Possibilities isn't new. Getting a shard doesn't have to mean the Orb has been destroyed or anything either.

One way or the other, I can just about guarantee you that they won't be destroying DS9, even if they would be potentially replacing it with an exact duplicate.

Though I don't deny there's a strong possibility of the first part of your prediction - the planting of charges part. I mean, I kinda doubt it, but there's still a strong possibility - but those charges won't be detonated if they are planted I'm betting.

Besides, it's stated pretty clearly that we're being sent over with the changeling to negotiate for the transfer of the station back to Federation control. I'm expecting the current occupiers simply are in denial of the current reality enough that they refuse anyone entry to the station, locking out the airlocks and such. Thus necessitating EVA suits to board the station.

Realistically though, I just thought I'd offer my best guess; I'm not trying to make a solid prediction here, I have no interest in doing such a thing.