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03-10-2012, 12:46 AM
Short Term: Ability to search Boffs/doffs, etc based on current faction in the exchange (tried to search for KDF friendly boffs and failed). Also with the exchange, be able to load the next 400. If this is already available I haven't found it. Another item about the exchange: I've noticed that if I click, say, boffs - rare by price, I get a listing that starts at like 4,000 EC. But if I search for tactical specific by price, rare, I get prices that start at 500 EC. This is very very very strange to me and seems like something that should not be happening. I understand that a revamp of the exchange is needed, as stated by the devs, but there has to be some things that can be done now to patch things up until then (similar to what was done with the doff parceling). I imagine this would be very easy to do with the boffs. I would love to see foundry contests. The prizes could be nominal and the contest could stipulate that it has to be new and unique entries (for two reason: to make it easier to play them in order to rate them and to make it a bit more challenging).

Mid Term: Revamp leveling so that players can actually spend some time in their ship. I should not be leveling a character in less than a month when I work two retail jobs. I am having a hard time keeping myself interested in the game now that I have 2 characters at end game and I started playing a little over two months ago. Yes, there is still quite a bit for me to learn but whenever I think of the fact that all that is really left is grinding STF's in the hopes of getting better gear - to grind more STF's with, I have mild seizures. Maybe it's just me, but there really should be more to the game then "Hurry up and level so you can hurry up and grind, the end". PvP is an option, but I am pretty sure that switching to KDF means coming down with some mild form of tourette's that requires players to instantly bad mouth the Fed faction they just got done playing. It makes PvP uninteresting in that regards. At this point I see almost no reason to spend $10-$20 on ships I will only get to play for a few days. Also, someone else has mentioned that planets don't have enough life forms on them. It seems lifeless to go to a planet and only have the people shooting at you/asking you to shoot someone else be the only life on them.

Long Term: I would love to see a feature come along with the fleet star bases in the works that allow us to mine dilithium. I have played quite a few missions where I am saving some base or some mining facility that is designed to mine dilithium. Obviously this would not be a large amount of dilithium and I imagine some sort of maintenance/mini-game would be involved. Perhaps some sort of way to have enemies randomly attack it (as a daily?). What I have in mind is something along the lines of active players receiving a stipend of dil ore for participating in the mining (a daily limit of say 2000 or something). May be impossible to implement, but I think it would add a viable dynamic to the star base option.