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Jumped on my new KDF and tried to do some searching for boffs to quick train some characters (and possibly switch out my commons) and found 3. I was unable to search by KDF faction, which made things difficult (not being able to "load the next 400" didn't help this). I tried to search specifically tactical and also noticed that the pricing started differently based on this: regular search by price gave me a starting price of like 4k ec under rare, tactical search, same options gave me a starting price of 500 ec - also unable to find KDF specific boffs. Perhaps there are races I should search for? Might work for now, but I feel it would be pretty simple to parcel out Fed/KDF boffs the same way as the doffs are. Would make things much easier than having a list of names to type through. Am I missing something that makes this possible already (very likely - the whole of the KDF faction seems very very confusing to me - which is good, but I have a feeling I'll make a character that sucks and have to start over... which is for another thread altogether)?