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03-10-2012, 03:20 AM
Originally Posted by GT01 View Post
You apparently can't fly the Aquarius class escort like you can the separate parts of the Prometheus in MVAM. No mention if you get a flyable version of it when you get the tac variant of the Odyssey, but it doesn't sound like you do.
But it is indeed an escort, and pretty loaded:
It has quad phaser cannons, phaser turrets, quantum torpedoes, and a point defense system.
Here are the stats for the Odyssey and BortaS variants:
Having an AI pet that is equipped with cannons pretty much sucks ***. The reason is the AI doesn't know how to use cannons effectively, which means this "escort" is going to be plinking away with turrets probably 90% of the time, and doing less damage than if it was equipped with normal beam arrays.