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03-10-2012, 08:01 AM
Originally Posted by stararmy View Post
They should allow you to launch the escort craft and the chevron at the same time. Otherwise, why waste a console slot on having both console equipped? And if people aren't going to get all consoles, why buy more than one variant from the C-store? Put simply, allowing someone to launch all Odyssey console pets at once gives us our money's worth and a shared cooldown does not.
Because the consoles themselves are packaged with the specific variant of the Odyssey that they're meant to compliment. It's just that, if you happen to buy all three variants, you can install those other consoles onto the specific variant of the Odyssey that you happen to like captaining. The consoles only work on these +1 versions of the Odyssey.
It's like, if you bought the special +1 versions of the other starships, the ones that come with the booster modulator or the tracking torpedo, you can also install those on pretty much any other ship. The obvious trade-off is you sacrifice a stat-boosting console in order to get the special ability console.
It's called "game balance".
And who said anything about the pet launching consoles sharing a cooldown? I haven't read anything to that effect, or read anything that would allow me to even infer such a conclusion. If I have, I must have definitely missed it somewhere.