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After a lengthy period, one of STO's oldest and most preeminent RP fleets is recruiting again. Applicants will be accepted by referral from current and former members or allies.

The Alpha Centauri Institute is an independent organization with Starfleet administrative oversight dedicated to advanced scientific and engineering research, diplomacy, and, as needed, security.

Known as the ACI, the Institute was originally constituted as a private research organization. Over time, the membership roster swelled and the Institute's role expanded. It now is a leader among Starfleet organization in promoting friendship among the various races through shared technology use and research. In recent years, the mission statement of the ACI has expanded to included a large Diplomatic Corps as well as an extensive, and tested, group of tactical officers known as the Guard.

In its state today, the ACI is a Starfleet sanctioned Institute with members of hundreds of races across various cultural and political backgrounds. All of these beings are brought together by a common goal: the advancement of technology and the extension of peaceful cooperation throughout the quadrant.

Fleet Information:

The Alpha Centauri Institute is a Star Trek Online fleet of players who wish to bring a fun, yet structured and authentic, Star Trek role playing experience to its members and allies. Our fleet is friendly, mature, and respectful; we are a no-drama organization. The ACI is a selective organization looking for the best RP members of the STO community; players with a true sense of their characters' place in the Star Trek universe. Our members are active and dedicated. We cross multiple time-zones and you may find 4-5 online at any given time.

Our core philosophy is pure role-play within the Star Trek Online game. We have featured ongoing character storylines and plots that range from small development stories, to group actions and major plots that involve most of the fleet. In the past, the ACI has performed RP-episodes that are member scripted and we welcome story ideas submitted to our Board of Directors. Most of our role-play, however, is generated on-the-fly in response to character's needs, stories, and to in-game or forum content.

We encourage, and conduct, Forum role-play as an excellent way to expand on a character's background and current status; many of our more involved storylines include Forum elements to add spice and color to the in-game role-play experience. Additionally, many of our players engage in Forum role-play on their own with personal plots and stories that add to character development and Fleet coordination.

We also maintain a Wiki site ( devoted to our Fleet. The site is a collaborative effort and allows each member to expand their characters' profiles and histories. It also allows the fleet to record the various NPCs and events that occur during our episodes, adding to the immersive quality of the fleet's RP experience.

Contact Information:

Fleet applications are currently being accepted by referral only. If you would like to know more about the Alpha Centauri Institute, you can find a great deal more about us, our fleet, and our mission at our website, or by approaching any ACI member you see in-game.

If you are interested in applying, please approach a member in-character in-game or email @WereWolf359 with your interest and to arrange a meeting.

For a look at what our rules are that govern our role-play and conduct, be sure to read our Regulations page. For recruitment information, and what we require for potential applicants, be sure to read our Recruiting page. Lastly, to get an idea of how we role-play and our style and level of play, be sure to read our Forums - particularly our Ten Forward board, where all our Forum role-play is conducted.