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The anticipation is maddening while I wait for the mission to open up. I'm hoping the new Big-E will ride to the rescue with Captain Shon at the conn with Commander Winters at his side in a cut scene. That would be so EPIC. (put a quarter in the Epic Jar).

Spoliers!!!!!! Below.

And it's live. Shard of Possibilities. That's the limited time reward. Summon two Quantum Shadows. And I become untargetable. Sounds cool. Look forward to trying it out.

Jem'Hadar Resilient Shield. YES!!! Whoa. Almost as good as MACO shield.

And Polaron Beams and Cannons!!! Yes!!!!! My wishes are coming true. (But having to run the mission 5 times for a full Beam weapon load and equipment load? Better be an epic mission ).

Ok Now into the breach.... (more later)

Edit 1:
Yep. I am being railroaded... And it's a Dominion Space suit, (It's Personal Armor, BTW). Cut scene have been exceptional. The scene with talking with Kurland on the Defiant are outstanding. Kudos to the character animators. And new UI functionality for the Suit. Cool. Suit light and Breathing sounds. More cool.

Edit 2:
Surface animations and character movment are very cool. Magna-boots, forced walking and clomp, clomp, clomp.... I'm loving this mission!!!!! OMG SO COOL!!!!!!

Edit 3:
Inside DS9 now. Disable Emergency Force Fields... HEH HEH HEH.

Edit 4: Kur'ukan goes down. And we will finish it among the strs.

Edit 5:
Holy!!! Ouch!!!!

Edit 6:

OMG!! I WAS RIGHT!!!!!! SCORE!!!!!! The Big-E rides to the rescue!!!! And it's the +1 variant.

Edit 7:
And nice epilogue as well. I hope we got to meant Eraun again. It's go much fun to "spare" with him. And sock it to him Loriss.