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03-10-2012, 12:31 PM
Originally Posted by Haglahay
Died 6 times already once in the station and I am getting tired of it.

1.) Revamp to ground combat makes it faster and easier to die, yet we still have a 30 second cool down on hypos.

2.) Hypo heals half as much as normal against Jem'hadar for some reason.

3.) The "tricky" stuff seems to be put right next to the enemy, so so much for any subterfuge.

Annoying and stupid does not equal fun.

On the ground combat no matter how far i was from their subspace bombs or what ever their called i got hit and killed multiply times since theirs three and i dont have enough health anymore to survive all them even with full shield up. The spawns on the end part of the station seemed alittle over done since i was alone for the mission.

Then the lame way that i get beamed on my ship right by the entire fleet who all targeted me and blew me up in a few seconds. The spawns didnt stop coming while i was trying to attack the dreadnaught which made it nice, got to see the new flagship of the federation get pawned hardcore. Nice intro for the Enterprise nothing like seeing the flagship get damaged and have to carry out repairs like 4 times and on top of that you put an the Andorian in charge when the Enterprise captain has always been Human. Didnt much like that.

Most things just need improvements and maybe fixes for glitches or toning down, but the Captain of enterprise should be human or Data not the Andorian.

Also could we get a button or way to skip the cinematics as once ive seen them first few times they are just annoying for someone with 7 feds and 4 klings.