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03-10-2012, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by PhiloPhi
IMO, giving us the Odyssey BEFORE it showed up today dimished the Enterprise F showing up. Had I never seen the ship in game, I would've been like . But when it showed up I was just like 'meh' instead. It was just another Odyssey. It didn't kick all kinds of butt like you want an Enterprise ship to do.

I was still REALLY hoping to see Data as the Captain. Sadly though.... it was the old Belfast Captain. Also 'meh'.
Yeah, they really should have had this mission before the Odyssey give away event. The impact of the Enterprise being there was really diminished by the 400 Odyssey's I saw around DS9 just before starting the mission.

I did like that all the familiar NPC's were crew members though and the new bridge looks nice.