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03-10-2012, 02:35 PM
just to add my 2 cents

The EVA was dull, in fact I very nearly stopped playing after only a few seconds because I knew it was going to be dull and long.
I think it was KOTOR that had a similar eva section and it is often recalled as the very worst bit of that game (with good reason), i feel the same here. As its the start of the episode I feel it put me in a negative frustrated mood right away which was a shame.

the interior combat was ok I'm not a fan of the ground combat in this game so I wont go in to any detail here other than it was better than the eva imo.

The space combat was more or less what I expected but not sure starting you in the middle of the enemy fleet makes much sence. In fact the first 30 seconds of that fight are pretty silly as you work out where you are whats happening and what your against whilst having to tank 20+ ships.
I will replay this section in an escort as it was a bit drawn out in my oddy that has almost no dps and hope for better results allthough I expect the inital spawn point to just result in death.

Overall it wraps the story arc up nicely and from a story point of view works well. I still think the eva doesn't work as enjoyable gameplay however.

As for the Enterprise showing up with the andorian captain it threw me a little, first off was oh that guy is alive how? secondly and why is he thanking me for saving his crew? I seem to recal being forced to run away and not help at all in the last episode.

please do something about the EVA its long and boring and because its boring it feels even longer than it is