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03-10-2012, 02:22 PM
Oh thank the Founders That's over!

Boldly They Rode was without a doubt one of the most tedious episodes in STO - and as one of those F2P noobs who's already reached VA, I can remember the others pretty well. I can't think of another episode I would actually hate to replay.

The EVA thing was a nice idea, but my lord did it get old fast. If movement had been a little faster and had more environmental hazards it could have been an interesting bit of platforming, but no, it turned into "Select beacon, trigger ability, select beacon, trigger ability, interact with object, select beacon, trigger ability" - if we'd had some automated defenses or some enemies to face (Explained away as "Jem'Hadar don't often need to go EVA" - how convenient) then we could have had some First-Contact action. I could even draw my weapon, but alas, no targets. I can't imagine anyone having fun in this section after the initial novelty wears off.

Inside DS9? severe deja vu from Second Wave. Run around in a circle, kill jem'hadar. It was frustrating, but not challenging or fun. Being able to salvage supplies was a nice touch though.

The battle in Ops wasn't really that great either. Fighting shrouded Jem'Hadar in a confined space never works out all that well

and the space finale? More ships does not make it more fun, especially when they were all crammed together like that, it either turned into AOE spam/multitarget attacks or just flying off and letting the fleet deal with it. It wasn't exciting, it wasn't challenging, it was just boring - not only boring, but an utter waste of the new Enterprise's unveiling, it got lost in the scrum of ships and I couldn't make out what it was doing. The Odyssey got a better intro than the Enterprise.

I really hate for my first post to be so negative, but this episode suffers from a bad case of thinking that more = better.

What's better than an interesting little spacewalk section? MORE SPACEWALK!
What's better than the few Jem'Hadar you fight in Second Wave? MORE JEM'HADAR!
What's better than the few ships you fight off the first time? MANY MORE SHIPS!

Sorry, but it doesn't work like that, the corresponding sections in 2W were much better than they are here, and the spacewalk was unnecessarily dragged out.

As far as the 2800 as a whole goes? It's been great, some interesting new features, some nice rewards, interesting new environments and a good continuation of a dangling thread from DS9. Voice acting was good and the characters were mostly great, especially Loriss.

Very let down by the finale though, every other episode I've replayed ad nauseam , but the finale I got sick of halfway through.

(Hi everyone!)