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03-10-2012, 03:23 PM
Too many spoilers with this one made it not exciting. I knew I was going to be walking outside DS9 from all the spoilers given ahead of time. I know they want to make exciting trailers and post pics up on the website of the FE, but it took away from this episode's excitement IMO.

They need to better emphasize that the navigation points need to be targeted to jump to them with the EV suit on, I can see a lot of new players getting frustrated with that. It wasn't frustrating for me, just a little boring to be honest. As a veteran, I think just a tad more clarity on what to do would help our newer players out.

The Jem'Hadar inside the station shrouding made it hard to target them and annoying at times, but that mechanic is intentional though and had it's intended effect.

The space battle was not balanced well and very fast paced, again I'm sure this was intended effect/feeling they were going for, but it didn't feel fun.

That Andorian punk gets to captain the Ent-F!?? Pft, my credentials are better, they should have given it to me.