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03-10-2012, 03:35 PM
In my Fleet Escort, I run the following build.

3x DHC, 1 torp
3 turrets

Borg deflector and engine, resilient shield, I use a Mk X capx3, but there's no other resilients with as much cap except for the MACO shield now, so I'd suggest that.

Eng consoles: RCS accellerator, Neutronium Armour, EPS console
Science consoles: borg console, field generator (+35% cap)

Commander Tactical: TT1, HYT2, APO1, CRF3
Lieutenant Commander Tactical: TT1, HYT2, CRF2
Lieutenant Engineering: EPTS1, RSP1
Ensign Engineering: EPTS1
Lieutenant Science: ST1, HE2

It's generally very tough, and will stand up to a lot of punishment while dishing it out, albeit not at tactical sort of levels. As for energy type, I like phasers, AP or disruptor. Plasma is fine for PVE, but if you plan to PVP at all, then bear in mind many peple are running a shield from an STF set, and these have a bonus resistance to plasma. A handy upside of this is that plasma weapons are often cheap. I think the damage numbers for the plasma/distuptor hybrids was nerfed back down below the regular ammount, I would've reccomended them if it was comporable to regular weapons in damage.