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03-10-2012, 07:26 PM
Originally Posted by virusdancer
Was a case of asking if others were experiencing this, not really a case of jumping to conclusions.

Previously, I took 2 Feds and 2 KDF to 50. Diplo and Marauding blew away anything else in the speed in which they leveled. I rerolled with 3 Feds and 1 KDF. The KDF guy's still getting all his Marauding as usual. The Fed guys had been getting Diplo up until a couple/few days ago. Have not seen any since on three toons. In the interim, they have caught up with Diplo in a couple of other categories - the most noticeable being Military.

edit: It could have been luck, since I've seen several today.
i have had the hardest time with diplo until the patch, it took forever to level up like i would get maybe one 50xp mision per day, now i see them all the time