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03-10-2012, 07:18 PM
Due to a missing a trigger I haven't completed "Boldly They Rode" but I'm frustrated with with the prospect of repeating the whole mission at the moment so I'll just provide my comments to this point for what they are worth.

In summary this story reminded me of the best and the worst of the romulan campaign. If you are enough of a trekkie/trekker/whatever you choose to self identify as you will usually be able to recognize plot point inconsistencies writers may have missed or not considered. I try to look at the big ideas presented that make me find the overall presentation enjoyable. The general feel and flavour are critical and the overall consistency of an arc are the things that I enjoy the most.

"The 2800" was an enjoyable offering. It was a story rooted in DS9 and the Dominion. Because there was a consistent vision throughout the offfering it kept me interested for the most part. The only component that really hurt was "Of Bajor". My criticism being it was a tedious sequence of "go fetches". Collectively the parts fit together where other story arcs didn't seem to acheive that dovetailing. Both the klingon and romulan stories pulled this off as well subsequent arcs had me wondering what does this have to do with XXXX?, and why should my character care? A nice return to a focused story.

Visually this campaign was brilliant. The people in the eye candy department went to town and it showed. Bajor, the prison and the EVA walk in particular were all great looking additions to the environments. I'm looking forward to what you have waiting in the wings.

There was a bad part to my memories of the final romulan mission. The EVA while nice looking did concern me. I hopped a ledge that I probably shouldn't have and figured I blew my game. Surprisingly I got back on track okay but other posters seemed to have done something similar and hit a block. This reminds me of the "railriding" issues I had on the catwalks. Karukan was a uncooperative and died exactly when he shouldn't have. The open space in OPs had my character getting the guts flanked out of him from go. He died. Quite often. My targets shrouded and flanked and Karukan wouldn't get his wretched carcass out of my face. When I thought I had finally killed his sniping lackeys I gave him a beating only to miss his last friend who blew my side off as I death blowed him. I respawned to an empty ops with no exits and no Karukan alive to kill and put a tick in the mission box. I have to start the mission again. I didn't mind the EVA once but under the circumstances I'm not thrilled about a repeat.