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03-10-2012, 09:50 PM
Originally Posted by BAD_SKULLY
Could anyone out there point me in the right direction in setting up my assault cruiser going with borg teck- engine,deflector an maco shield. 3 antiproton beam arrays an quanton TP launcher forward an 4 anti beam arrays in rear of 3 with tractor beam mine. Not sure how to set up bridge officers an consoles Any input will be helpfull.

Your equipment sounds pretty good - in fact, it's similar to mine, although I put another beam in there instead of a mine launcher. However, here are a few pointers:

* The Borg tech's best set booster is at three pieces. You MIGHT want to use the Borg Shield for this, as its regeneration is very helpful if you get a little lucky to trigger it. If not, put in the Borg Assimilated Console as soon as you are able to. I'm working on getting the console myself, in fact, so I can replace the shield with a better one.

* My strategy is based off the Dragon Build (it's on this forum, but I don't know where). The most basic element of the Dragon is a constant rotation of emergency power to shields and emergency power to weapons. I would advise that you get two copies of EPtS (level 2 or 3) and two copies of EPtW (level 1). Rotate them at 15 second intervals (EPtW->EPtS->EPtW->EPtS), and be sure to have some hull repair ability in there.

* I would also advise setting up two of the bridge officers to know Tactical Team 1, and rotate them as well. They do a better job of managing your shields than vanilla 'balance shields.' That said, continuous pumping of balance shields will still work if you want to put more offensive goodies in there, but tac team does boost your offensive power as well, and helps clean out the Borg Assimilate Ship debuff. Note that this will likely interfere with the use of Engineering Team, so you will probably want something else in there (possibly to supplement, or possibly to replace, ET), likely Aux to SIF. Also note that tac team lasts 10 seconds and has a 15 second cooldown; this means you will not have its shield management, if you rotate it, for 10 seconds at a time with 5 second gaps, so under highly intense fire you may have to take direct control by balance shield until the cooldown has passed.

* I would advise something that lets you put out a lot of damage in the last slot - Fire At Will 2 or a torp spread attack would be good, I think. If you want/need to play tank, Fire At Will is a GREAT way to **** off a whole lot of enemies at once. Believe me, I know from experience.

* For science I would put in healing. Science team 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2, and Hazard Emit are all sound choices. I would particularly advise Hazard Emitters as it clears out a whole slew of really nasty debuffs.

Now, consoles...

* The Field Generator is a MUST for science. It's expensive but worth it. The remaining science slot can be filled with a shield booster, or it makes a decent candidate to put in the aforementioned Assimilated Console.

* Tactical consoles will probably be the painfully expensive antiproton mag regulator. You've only got 1-2 kinetic weapons on there, so focusing on strengthening the beam output is a sound choice here, so that's what I'd fill it with.

* Engineering consoles vary greatly depending on your preferences. If you want a nice thick hull, dump armor in there - a stack of neutronium at high level can make your hull a lot stronger, or you could switch out armor plating against specific threats if you know what you're dealing with in advance. If you need to maneuver around an RCS Mk XI blue will help, but don't put in more than one, the diminishing returns are painful to look at at 2 or higher, and for some setups (and according to some captains) even one RCS is a waste. You can also put power boosters in there, but it's questionable if that's really the best use of a slot.

Disclaimer - I am a newbie, and all of this could be completely wrong. I'm basing much of this off my own setup, so YMMV.