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Originally Posted by Sephiroth8808 View Post
I think it was KOTOR that had a similar eva section and it is often recalled as the very worst bit of that game (with good reason)...
The underwater bit on Manaan, as I recall, when you find that Star Map in the secret Republic kolto harvesting plant on the ocean floor. Otherwise known as "about ten minutes of my life I want back". I think the big tips in favor of "Boldly They Rode", however, were the reaction thrusters - you didn't have those in KotOR. Did the trip outside on DS9 take a while regardless? Yes. Was moving around in the suit sluggish without the thrusters? Hell, yes. Would I change a thing about it?

On other bits: I see people go "aww, these stupid iso-chip puzzles" or complaining about the codes for the sensor recalibration bit - or, in past series, the whole brouhaha with the codes on the satellite in Coliseum, or the musical consoles on Drozana during the Devidian series. But honestly, puzzle-type games don't bug me quite as much. The reason? I grew up on Myst and its sequels, and have played most of the series (the only one I have not touched at all is End of Ages) multiple times in the two decades or so since the original was released. In that series, tedious puzzles were par for the course (especially in Revelation...Serenia just SUCKED).

I thought the series as a whole was well-done and somewhat exciting towards the end, and as someone who enjoyed some of the latter episodes of DS9, it did answer a few things. But that said, I couldn't help but think there was always this feeling of something missing. I can't put my finger on it, though...perhaps it was the not-so-glorious appearing of the new Enterprise, in as something of a cameo right at the end, like the cavalry charging over the hill at the end of those cheesy Westerns. (Hmm, maybe that was where something was missing - where the hell is the brand-spanking-new Klingon flagship in all this, eh?)