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I am trying to do the mission now, I have got across the promenade, and are up against the Jem'Hadar fighter guys, but I am attempting to complete the Optional Objectives. I did find 1 trap, which was in the next area up past the location marked as "Intruder". But when I activated that trap, it showed completed in the 2nd optional objective on the list. So the location and order of the traps and how they list from top to bottom in mission list is confusing me

Have I somehow missed the 1st trap? or are those optional objectives in a different order then to what the list as. Like the 1st Trap is called "Use Force Field Controls to Defenestrate Jem'Hadar" Now is this one always the 1st trap or not? I really need to know, as I am a major completionist and it is difficult for me to complete the area without doing the Optionals as well, can anyone help me with this question?