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03-11-2012, 03:29 AM
I'll preface by saying it was really good to have new mission content after so long, new story missions are always welcome and I hope they continue.

There were a lot of things to like about the series, but I do feel it wasn't a coherent set of missions like the previous three series. Of Bajor seemed very much like filter and din't add much to the overall story like the other episodes did. Also, it was never fully explained why the Prophets sent the fleet back into the wormhole - sure they wanted to restore what they had changed but why now? The quadrant is in an even worse state than it was in 2374 with the Klingon war, Borg return and Iconian meddling - seems the Prophets are rather sadistic.

Also, Loriss came off as dumb. I can buy the Jem'Hadar not accepting defeat, but Loriss' excuse in Of Bajor that she is following a Founder's order and won't budge until she hears otherwise seems out of character to other Vorta we have seen. Sure, they are slaves to the Founders but they aren't stupid. Loriss would have expected DS9 to already be under Dominion control when they arrived and should have immediately suspected something was wrong and once she had reviewed historical files should have been smart enough to realise the orders she received were out of date and the Founders had countermanded whatever orders she had taken by signing the Treaty of Bajor.