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# 1 Thx for "Boldly they Rode" !!
03-11-2012, 05:19 AM
I would like to thank everyone who had contributed to this awesome episode.
The environment looks great - it`s like in the tv shows and it`s very nice to see, that this episode wasn`t done quick and dirty. The graphics are AAA+ - the EVA suit looks like a real one! The sound, especially the breathing are really nice and it woudn`t have felt like outer space without it! The puzzle is hard but nice - thx for doing a new one foreach episode - i think i haven`t seen one recycled yet. Thx for the new tech - the EVA part was done perfect.

The whole series had a lot of new game mechanics (f.e., embedded assignments, EVA) will make STO the best MMO ever.
But: you should only use it, if they work correctly. I love cutscenes, but if you do cutscenes, there should not been that much crazy stuff going on (like npcs jumping or bad emotes). We haven`t had much cutscenes in the past - and those series still were awesome. So do cutscenes if they work - otherwise we can life well without. It`s good to implement a voting system - but it needs to work.
I also love non combat parts (and I`m a bit angry about large parts of STO community seems to have shifted to PEWPEW and doesn`t accept non-combat gameplay at all) and Bajor looks fantastic!!! But "Of Bayor" doesn`t contribute that much to the storyline.

After all - I`m sure your heart is still at the right place - you could have make just new content, but you also add a lot of new awesome game-mechanics which you wouldn`t need to do if you just try to feed the beast.

To thx to everyone @Cryptic.