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03-11-2012, 07:35 AM
This is incredibly appealing to the RP side of me. I'm actually sitting here staring at my Sci BoFF hoping to get her to do the snake with my toon (party time!).

If we can control their speech, that'd be a big plus and a good start. Implemented by right-clicking their portrait and have a /local (only) option?

If we could control their emotes, that'd be the next step. Right-click their portrait and pull up a submenu leading to the emote list available to our toons. As for interactions, it might be nice to see this implimented on a trigger-style level. Maybe one could program their own into their BoFFs reactions through a text file.

Lenatra does the snake with Natalie. Natalie (e snake_dance).
e dance_snake : e dance_snake
e dance_robot : say "I don't like the robot, let's do the snake instead!"

Lenatra does the snake with Opos. Opos (e_noway).
e dance_snake : e noway
e dance_robot : e dance_robot $$ say "I am the Borg, resistance is futile."

Something like this, maybe?