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03-11-2012, 07:24 AM
I should preface, I do PVP and PVE. My Tetryon beam boat Assault Cruiser is awesome at healing and tanking in PVP and after the last few matches of PVP in my new fleet scort, I have discovered...I cannot get the shields down on ANYTHING. I cannot put out enough damage. Here is what I am running.

Fore: 3 Disruptor DHC 1 Quantum torp
Aft: 2 Disrupt Turrets 1 Quantum torp

I fully plan on ditching the Quantum in the rear for a turret too...but now I feel disruptors are very weak in pvp for an engineer...everything absorbs my shots. Or i'm doing this wrong. Here's my Boffs too:

Tac Cmnd: TS1, HYT2, RF2, APO3
Tac Lt Cmnd: TT1, RF1, APB2

Eng Lt: EPtS1, ET2
Eng En: EPtS1 (or to weapons if I swap him)

Sci En: ST1, HE2 OR TB1, TSS2

Thoughts? How can I make this awesome looking ship a pvp monster for an engineer. I really need help, those last matches made me feel impotent.