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03-11-2012, 07:47 AM
I'm a bit surprised to see so many negative feedback on this mission. I personally loved it. You had several puzzles to solve, like the disable sensors (and for those who are stuck, my piece of advise is: read carefully ehat is being said and if necessary, take notes). The general enviroment of external DS9 was great and gave me a real scale of how huge is DS9. And on the end, we managed to keep the EVA suit after all, what is nice (even though it doesn't have any use outside the mission, it is good to wear it for simply fun). What I think it could be improved:
  • When the space suit is given to the player, emphatize it has to be equipped on a armor slot. I initially though it was a device.
  • I don't know if it is just me, but I don't know how I got around the crashed Bird of Pray. I mean, it's engine went critical, I jumped, it exploded and then magically I appeared on the other side. A bit weird.
  • When the Jem'Hadar ship goes verify the crash and you have to go override the targeting ship, it would be nice something more challenging. Like a timer saying: you have 3 minutes before it detects you.

The ground combat inside DS9 was fine. I initially though: well, now things will be difficult. It's me versus a station full of Jem'Hadar. But I managed to handle the situation quite well. The little traps were a nice touch although I kept wandering after the mission: shoudn't those controls be hidden and with some heavy security to access then? After all, we don't see they on the DS9 social map.

Now the final battle on space needs a bit review. It was fine and has the number of ships that the second wave should have. But it was said there wer a fleet to arrive at DS9. And sincerely, the fleet was composed by 3 more ships more or less, if I'm not mistaken. That's not a fleet and don't givee the feel of "Sacrifice of Angels". And my little science vessel were literally oblitared several times. So my request is: more ships on that fight. It will help give the feeling of a more epic battle and help more fragiles ship to don't get blown so meany times.

And the cutscenes were really awesome. The ones on the first two episodes wasn't good. They improved on the third and fourth and on that made them awesome. And the arrival of the enterprise on the middle of the fight was very well done. It definetely remebered First Contact and it was a yet bigger surprise when we saw the Andorian Capitain on the bridge. I honestly thought he was dead on the last episode. The disapointing part is that it doesn't turn the tide of the Battle. At least not on a noticeable way. It fails on feeling powerfull, so I think it needs to be improved even if this means to overpower the enterprise (and I will emphasize the Enterprise speciffically. I'm not saying to improve the class as whole).

Overall, a awesome FE finale and one that showed what Cryptic is capable. Really good and I think it will be hard to Cryptic do a mission as good this one in the future (if a Dev read this, what I hope for, consider this a challenge ). So... When is FE 5 released?