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03-11-2012, 08:01 AM
This is quite difficutt...

short term

increase compatibility for PC's with lower spec.. I'd like to see the beautiful graphics designed by the team and not have to change to lower settings when im in busier areas.
reduce the amount of clicks for common used options. something i'd like to see is a crew promote button rather than a drop down...

Mid term

prob to improve the cut scenes of characters on episodes and missions so that it doesnt look so much like a doll/robot.
i'd like to set course to some where and go inside my ship, and then get an announcement when my ship arrives.

i'd like a better kit guide, for someone like me who is not used to this sort of game. its difficult for me to understand what kits to craft and what combinations work better. a rework of the tech structure would be a great help. i'm a veteran and have the new flag ship.. but get beaten really quickly, same on the ground combat.. simply because i dont know what kits to get and what load out to use :-S

Long term

one who galaxy map.. with more than just key planetary systems. i'd like to see lots of planets that are as yet unexplored.. with species undiscovered, not like the expance maps, where you meet a species and
then never see them again. i'd like to fly through the galaxy with out loading screens.

end game content.. i'm running out of things to do :-(. the doff system is great.. but theres no real progression