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03-11-2012, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by Jenalis View Post
A fine addition to all the missions written by you thus far. The Choice between easy and hard, and Stealth and combat is very unique, and adds a great deal of replayability.
Originally Posted by unclespanky
I played this mission and enjoyed it immensely. Many missions in STO have a very narrow focus with little actual story or background. This mission provides opportunities to actually make decisions that have consequences and there is some variation in the mission itself. The story is really nice and deals with the internal struggles Starfleet officers may face in the course of their duties. Throughout the mission is the specter of failure even if the mission is successful and there is a palpable sense of loss whenever something doesn't go quite right. Your characters seem more alive than just pixels and that is how it should be in a role playing game.

I hope you enjoy this mission as much as I did.
Thanks for taking the time to play my mission; I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!