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03-11-2012, 12:30 PM
I do not want to sift these boards for the right places to post my concerns, suggestions, and wishes for ST: O. this is my list;

1. I don't want to give players an exploit, but I do want to see an auto-kick in elite STF's for lame ducks. I have seen too many players hiding in the back not participating in the fight, yet selecting NEED on every bit of loot. STF's are hard enough with a full team, and too hard when the team has useless bagage.

2. Give fleets: the ability to form STF teams internally, and allow the teams the ability to inspect a team member's equipment. ARENAS have a scoreboard at the end of the event, why not a transparent window scoreboard for fleet team STF's?

3. GROUND STF difficulty, the borg have so many hit points and such toughness that you regularly need all 5 players to take down *ONE*. however, STF's frequently force groups to seperate for different tasks making them absurdly difficult- if not impossible. also, I have observed borg teleporting to their objectives, jumping through Forcefield domes, One shot killing players with full health and shields, and yes, continuing to fight with no hit points.

4. STF: make the deffera borg, mirror events, terradome, into STF that provides borg EDC and salvage. you can turn the DS9 wormhole into the staging area for a space STF against the MIRROR universe. Translation, more STF's and more ways to get EDC/salvage.

5. STF ELITE GEAR: is not so elite. the items in question do not appear to have advancements making them more desirable than Mark Twelve items (MK XII) which are availiable in the exchange. I like earning set items, but could you make them "WORTH IT"? Earning the weapon, personal shield, body armor requires 120 edc... that's 120 stf completions, and probably many many more stf runs with bad groups, quiters, and bugs. yet, Anyone and everyone who plays the 2800 can earn a jem'hadar SET of XI for their ship, captain, and crew. So, I can grind for three months to earn "elite gear" that isn't elite....