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03-11-2012, 12:35 PM
Correction: It WAS good for damage. Pre-F2P the gravity well alone could cause crippling damage on any ship it sucked in.

And boy, it SUCKED them in and held them inside its gut for the duration. Since the graviton effect nerf the well barely holds them at arm's length where its damage is so weak its a joke.

The increase in size we now have from graviton is the absolute STUPIDEST thing I have ever seen.

Cryptic Logic:

- damage is significantly reduced the further away a ship is from center of anomaly. Just 100m drops the damage to almost half.

- graviton stat is broken. Dunno how that happened. *scratch head*

- since graviton is broken, tractor effect works at nearly half of what it used to. Ships tractored in fly 200m/second away from anomaly while being tractored.

- I know! Lets make graviton increase the size of the anomaly! That way those ships have to fly longer to break free of the tractor and receive damage in the meantime!

... but the damage is STILL high only at the exact center of the anomaly and ships STILL fly out of it easily. All they did was have the ships take a couple of ticks more of ever-decreasing damage strength. You literally see it happen:

Anomaly created right on top of target ship: BEWM! Tick for 1000+ damage
The next 4 seconds the ship flies 200m+ away from the middle. Those four ticks read:
-ship is free of anomaly-

Pre-F2P the ship would remain tractored inside the anomaly if you had good graviton skills and get ticked by 1000 per tick for the entire duration. Thats what made it effective.

The currently nerfed gravity well is pointless to use for damage. Grav well 3 does the same effective damage that grav well 1 does: Barely 2 to 3k damage to hull before ship breaks free.