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I can have a strictly human crew, a recovered borg crew, catian crew, klingon crew, andorian crew, All vulcan, etc. but photonic bridge officer comes in only one flavor... (unavailiable)
I want to see more options for C-store bridge officers and playable races.

also, I wanted to make a machanima of trek fanfictions I wrote, but couldn't. there wasn't enough options.
Catians, technically have no hair. M'ress had a gorgeous flowing mane. please give us more options, (and give catians HAIRSTYLES).

Sure I can make an alien race, and yes I can be telepathic, telekinetic, and have mental discipline...
but the psychic abilities demonstrated by the Remans, undine, and others is completely out of reach. it irks me that about 400 years from now, all of Starfleet has veritably no defence against an advanced psionic alien race. That science wise, they can travel among the stars, teleport from a space ship to a planetary surface, etc. but have been too scared to pursue psionic technology even when member races have such abilities!

quite simply, I would love to have a special kit for Psychic characters to expand their powers/options.