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# 2907 cardassian lockboxes...
03-11-2012, 01:56 PM
lets face it. the loot dropped from cardasian lockboxes isn't all that great.
in fact, I don't want it, and I certainly wouldn't want repeats of items If I did....

remember when you could play a videogame for a quarter? yeah. these master keys should cost no more than 25 cents each. period. I can get gama quadrant commodities from duty officer missions. I can get pets from the c-store. could you make the cost of the key equivalent to the value of the items recieved?

Don't cry because no one is buying selhat cub pets, and don't try to foist them off as a prize, these should be clues to you that the price for the item far exceeeds the demand. re-vamp your c-store prices on EVERYTHING according to sales. because I have run out of things I would like to buy from the c-store and it could be months before something is added to the c-store that perks my interest.

I want items I can use!
I want bridge officers, new races, more off duty options, more ship interior functionality