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Originally Posted by CaptainBaldy
I sure hope so...I really liked using the EV suit for this mission. Heck (pun intended), we'd probably need them to just talk to them in their natural environment.

The one thing I'd like to see as far as EV suits go is faction-correct ones. The one we had was cool, but it was meant for a Jem'Hadar to use. I'd like to see one similar to the ones they used in First Contact/Voyager for feds and one for the Klingons that looks, well, Klingony :p
There's a description of a Klingon space suit in the novel "The Left Hand of Destiny" which pretty much shows the Klingons have no real need for a combat version for their suits.

"This isn't an EVA suit," Ezri Dax complained. "This is a personal, armored biosphere."
Despite warnings that she should not, Ezri kept pressing buttons and switches that activated various defensive and offensive systems. Worf and Alexander had deactivated the most destructive and unpredictable systems, but she continued to find knives concealed disruptors, throwing weapons, grapples- the usual sort of things one might find in a potentially hostile environment.
Was it the Klingons species' fault if they had routinely discorvered more hostile environments than their Federation friends? Worf thought not and he had always considered Starfleet suits to be woefully-equipped.
Recalling the encounter with the Borg on the hull of the Enterprise during their jaunt back to the twenty-first century, Worf remebered how glad he was he had made special modifications to his suit.
"Be glad you'll have the protection," Alexander said soothingly. "And don't touch that switch. Especially if you're going to point it at me."
"Just don't. You'll regret it. I'll regret it."
Fitting the admittedly massive helmet onto the suit's locking collar, Ezri's knees almost buckled.
Flecks of ice and dirt clinked and splattered against the helmet's faceplate as she moved in behind the comet, and Ezri was suddenly very grateful for the heavy EVA suit. Without a forcefield, a Federation EVA suit would have been cut to ribbons by the high-speed microscopic dust.

I picture it as as something more akin to the hard-case diving suits used in high-pressure environments.