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03-11-2012, 04:09 PM
The way they did the outside part of DS9 was nice.

For the gameplay though, kinda boring. Target..thrust... repeat a 100 times. The two puzzles were pretty simple. The inside combat could get a little challenging by walking into two squads of stealthed Jem Hadar. I just used one of my tactical kits and stealthed and bypassed that whole monotonous part on the second run through. I picked up the explosives from one of the crates which kills all but the boss and one other Hadar in Ops while you come in from in from behind in the Office. So killing the boss was easy.

The space part again was fairly easy. I did it with my Galaxy X so swatting the escorts away like flies was no problem and fighting the Jem Hadar dred was just buff and hit and distribute shields/heal shields. Again nothing new.

The final mission was probably the best of the series though. Overall the new FE was pretty much a snorefest.