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Ultimately this series was nothing short of a disaster. From a game play perspective there was some really nice stuff added. things that I would love to see come back again, and again and again. Story wise, this series was an absolute mess, and considering that this series was in development for over a year that is something to be absolutely ashamed of. But what really gets me, is that most of these problems story wise could have been very easy to fix.

I would have made the following changes.

Second Wave
* Keep the beginning up to the dominion fleet's arrival almost completely as is, just make it more faction specific as to which NPCs are giving you orders while on the Station.
* Either replace Ambassador Surah with a Romulan or have him begging for help from the great powers of the Galaxy to help save his world from the Borg.
* Add a Romulan Ambassador.
* Don't convince Starfleet of anything since they are the ones who called this summit, but instead use them to help make your arguments to the Klingons, the Romulans, and the Cardassians.
* When the Dominion arrives, first of all let's not have it be all 2,800 Dominion Ships. Instead a smaller force of about 100 will do nicely.
* Have one of those ships take out the station's shields a.s.a.p.
* Replace the ground fight through the Promenade with a fight through the Habitat Ring to the docking ring.
* Have Kurland first try to get to Ops and discovers that the lifts aren't working as you are fighting to the docking ring. This way his fight along side of you makes more sense.
* Add a Cardassian Galor, a Gorn Varanus Fleet Support Vessel (I highly doubt that the Klingon Empire would allow a species they conquered only 6 years ago to command one of their prized I.K.S. ships), and a Romulan D'deridex Warbird, the U.S.S. Belfast, and the U.S.S. Defiant to the fight outside. I highly doubt the Ambassador's arrived to DS9 via civilian transports.
* Have us win the first fight, build us up emotionally so that we are on an emotional high.
* Then have the rest of the Dominion Fleet show up and subsequently evacuate the rest of DS9.
* End episode cutscene plays out how it did in actual episode.

Of Bajor
* Completely scratch everything that happened in this episode, start fresh.
* Start with warning the Bajoran Government of the fall of DS9 to Dominion forces, and immediately recommend a planet wide evacuation.
* You beam down to Hathon, gladly invite your fellow ship commanders, a.k.a. the Ambassadors from the last episode, to join you, Kurland is already down there, and start evacuating the planet's population in a few minutes (an Impossible task I know)
* While evacuating the planet Jem'Hadar forces arrive, panic erupts in the streets, and you start fighting your way to either the Bajoran Goverment center or the Bajoran Temple. Either way, you end up rescuing Kia Kira
* After rescuing the Kia, you beam up to your ship. You're job isn't to defeat the Dominion, the planet is lost, your job is to protect the evacuation transports, millions of lives are at stake.
* Just as the Transports are about to get away a Dominion Dreadnought warps in to block there path, and prepares to destroy the closest transport. At this point Captain S'taass rams that dreadnought saying that he would rather die a free gorn saving lives than live as a klingon slave who allowed those civilians to die.
* The Dreadnought is destroyed and you warp out defeated.
* Loriss then broadcasts a second speech from the Bajoran Capital announcing to the entire Galaxy that Bajor has fallen to the Dominion.

Opertaion Gamma
* Completely scrap this mission. Is it fun, yes it is. Does it make a lick of sense? No it doesn't.
* Instead have the fleet regroup about a week later (closer to 10 days) at Empok Nor in the Trivas System. Since the Interior is exactly like DS9, just minus the Federation technology, this should save a lot of time with building the mission maps.
* Put in a shuttle space portion of the mission where you have to fly with Commander Winters to help repair the station and remove any left over booby traps from the True Way.
* While out there, Captain Ja'rod in the I.K.S. Kang arrives escorting a Klingon Bortas Class Battlecruiser, the I.K.S. Martok.
* The Bajoran government in exile has setup shop on Empok Nor.
* The Ambassadors from the first episode, minus Captain S'taass, have their ships there as well.
* Everyone is trying to figure out what the Dominion is playing at, they haven't left the Bajoran system since they took it 10 days ago.
* Kurland throws out the idea that the mysterious Jem'Hadar ships that have been appearing everywhere the last few weeks might have something to do with the Dominion's return. Most of the people present scoff at the idea but four people do not.
* Yourself, Kia Kira, and two new arrivals from the Federation and Klingon Empire respectively. Dax and Worf.
- Dax because out of all the veterans from the Dominion War most are either dead, retired, or the upper brass in Starfleet. Dax you can get away with giving a new host.
- Worf because out of all the Klingon Veterans from the Dominion War he is the most qualified and he promptly volunteered as soon as he heard they were back.
* Dax explains what happened during the Dominion War and how Captain Sisko managed to make a fleet of 2800 Jem'Hadar ships disappear.
* Worf confirms that there is a connection between the Jem'Hadar ships that have been showing up empty over the last few months and the wormhole. He points out that the Klingon Empire is not in the habit of sharing information with it's enemies.
* On the behalf of the Klingon Chancellor, Worf agrees to temporarily suspend the war during the immediate Dominion crisis.
* Make it clear and that Worf son of Mogh of the House of Martok and Ja'rod son of Luras of the House of Duras do not get along at all.
* The group reaches a concensus that the Dominion Fleet hasn't moved from their position in the Bajoran system because they don't have any new orders from home on how to proceed.
* The end of this episode plays out like Of Bajor did, trying to appeal to the Vorta to leave DS9 peacefully, the war is over.
* This then leads to the problem of finding a Founder who could end the war.
* Kurland mentions the new link, you however nix that idea but reminding Kurland that they asked to be left alone.
- No one is thrilled to find out that there is a colony of Changelings in the Alpha Quadrant and Starfleet didn't tell anyone.
* Kira points out that there is one founder who they could use, and Dax and Worf both remember the Founder in Facility 4028 the one who surrendered to the Alliance.

Facility 4028
* Keep this mission mostly as is because it is nearly perfect.
* To bring it in line, first replace Eraun with a Romulan (presumably the same one from the first episode), Dax, and Worf. All three of them beam down with you. All three of them have the necessary unanimous orders from their respective government to release the Female Founder.
* None of them trust each other as far as they can throw them. Dax and Worf get into a massive fight as you are walking to the founder.
* Once Kar'ukan beams down and overruns the facility and causes the prison break, the Romulan Ambassador reveals that he took a little insurance policy with him and his squads of Cloaked Romulans declock around him.
* The rest of the mission proceeds as originally written.

Boldly the Rode
* Someone has to go over the plan, you say that it's incredibly stupid, and Dax responds that using a captured Jem'Hadar Attack ship to get behind enemy lines worked for Captain Sisko during the war. The fleet of Romulan, Cardassian, Federation and Klingon ships is holding about 3 lightyears outside of the Bajoran system, they will engage the fleet and get to your position as fast as possible assuming things go south.
* Worf is not present, he is on board the I.K.S. Martok getting more reinforcements, they will arrive in a few hours.
* Kira is in command of the Defiant, after throwing her weight around to get reinstated temporarily in starfleet as an Admiral [0000].
* Kurland is with you, he wants his station back bad.
* Confrontation with Loriss works exactly as it did in the original. Point out that the Jem'Hadar will not fire on any vessel with a Founder on board.
* When given the bad news, Kira snaps at you. She can do that because she's Kira and she outranks you.
* Spacewalk deemed only option to get into the Station, you lead an away team in Dominion space suits onto the Station. To get there the Dominion attack ship you are on flies in close and low to the station and you jump out the airlock to the Station. Kurland goes with you and your away team.
* Spacewalk goes almost completely as is with one change, when the Jem'Hadar attack ship shows up over your head, Jem'Hadar beam down. Yes, a firefight, in space, on the hull of Deep Space Nine. Destroy the attack ship as you did in the mission originally and make your way inside the Promenade.
* Inside Battle of DS9 is the same as the original, only now it's not you fighting this mission solo. It's an entire strike team blasting all the Jem'Hadar to pieces.
* The final Space Battle involves your ship, the defiant, the Jem'Hadar attack ship with the founder, an additional 11 romulan ships, 11 cardassian ship, 11 federation ships, and 11 klingon ships. 47 total ships in single player versus a fleet of dominion ships 30 years out of date made it through the lines to fight at DS9. Those odds sound much better, but it's still not enough as more and more Dominion ships keep arriving to pound on you.