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* The Enterprise then arrives, along with Worf on board the I.K.S. Martok, plus an additional 100 ships. Captain Va'Kel Shon speaks his speech from the Enterprise F, and Worf says that "Perhaps today is a good day to die." In short, the arrival of the Enterprise should herald the start of the most epic space battle in the game. And it should go something like this.
* At some point mention that all Dominion forces are being recalled to defend the Station. Bajor was always the secondary objective, DS9 was always primary.
* Kar'ukan's ship is destroyed and the founder orders on an open frequency for all remaining Dominion Forces to stand down, which they do.
* Then the wormhole opens up again, and a single Jem'Hadar attack escort comes out. You go, "what now?"
* Eraun hails the forces of the Alpha Quadrant, saying that Dominion has come to take their wayward fleet home.
* Kurland mentions that he's a little late, but Kira orders him to shut up. You ask the smart question, and Odo (thus giving Odo a cameo appearance) answers by saying this arrived on the homeworld about a week ago. It's a baseball with the number 2800 written on it. Odo also states that he was informed about it only yesterday.
* Kira requests to speak with Odo privately on a secure channel for a few minutes.
* And the episode ends with a cut scene of the dominion fleet returning to the Gamma Quadrant through the wormhole.

Epilogue Episode
* Yes I would add a short one to wrap everything up much like how the Romulan series had Darkness Before the Dawn to wrap that story up.
* It would start at Ops on DS9, much like were Boldly they Rode ends. You would talk to Captain Va'Kel Shon and the crew of the enterprise before they depart, Kurland would give his speech from the ending of Boldly they Rode minus the halfhearted invitation to join the crew of the station. Instead he mentions that Kia Kira wants to speak to you in person on Bajor before you leave
* So you beam down to Hathon and make your way to the Bajoran temple. You meet Kira and she leads you to an orb and then leaves, saying he wants to talk.
* You open the orb and this is the first of two cut scenes. Instead of meeting the Prophets, you have a chat with Captain Sisko. He gives a brief speech, gives a cryptic warning about history repeating itself and you ask him one question that has been bothering you for ages. What about the peace treaty the Organians enforced between the Federation and Klingon Empire over 200 years ago? Sisko doesn't say anything at first, you demand that he says something since as a being similar to the Organians he should know what is going on with his galactic peers. Sisko doesn't know, the prophets don't know but he has a feeling that the answer to that lies back at the beginning.
* The second cut scene starts immediately after this, back in the situation room on DS9. All the Ambassadors have returned for the conference, Dax is replacing Admiral Trem as mediator for the summit, Kurland is replacing Shon and will actually represent Starfleet this time as opposed to being a mediator. The chair for the Klingon Ambassador is empty, the Romulan ambassador making a comment that apparently the Klingon Empire wasn't taking these talks seriously after all. The doors to the room open, and Worf walks in. He states that the war can wait a few hours and promptly takes his old seat from his days as DS9's Strategic Operations Officer. As soon as worf walks in, this music starts playing, and the camera pulls out pulling away from the Station in the exact same manner as DS9's last scene.

Adding in those changes would have tied the series much closer to DS9. It would have added a little more to the ongoing storylines already in progress in STO itself. It would have gave plenty of character development to the ambassadors who were at teh conference, making them viable characters to use in future storylines should the need arise. The series wouldn't have been obviously written with Starfleet in mind for the whole operation, and would have played much better to both factions because we would have been involving both factions in closer to equal amounts. And we would have gotten a hint at a possible storyline to deal with the number one plothole in the entire game. What happened to the Organian Peace Treaty, and why isn't it being enforced?

With that I open up the floor to everyone else. What do you think about the series "The 2800" as a whole. Good? Bad? Indifferent? Any changes you would have wanted to see?