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03-11-2012, 04:30 PM
My feedback on the 2800 is this --

Nice writing, wonderful visuals. I absolutely loved Bajor and I really liked the visuals and background sounds in the prison facility.

The voice acting needs a lot of work. Some of the voice actors were spot on -- Kurland, for example was perfect. Some weren't. The vortas and the female changeling sounded as though either the actors or director had never bothered to actually watch Deep Space Nine and listen to the voice inflection that the original actors used. The Female changeling was much closer to the appropriate inflection in this last episode.

The computer voice in this last episode was very nicely done and a close aproximation to Majel Barret's.

There were a number of Team play bugs that were game stopping for us. At one point, I got stuck in a wall, and in the process of getting unstuck, my team and I ended up in different instances, and didn't get back into the same instance until we finally got onto the promenade.

Part of the issues with team play is that the conversations are not designed with a multiplayer focus in mind. When one person hits the final button, all the windows are closed for the whole team. This has been a continuing problem with multiplayer team play in STO, and is something I wish Cryptic would fix/change.

Overall, having new content and a new social zone is very much appreciated, and I'm looking forward to more.