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# 25 My feedback
03-11-2012, 07:50 PM
I was generally enthused by this series. the first couple were a litltle boring but the prison episode was ok,

I had high hopes for an exceptional experience this final episode. I was thoroughly let down.

Cons: The space walk was bugged and slow and boring

The space battle at the end was not epic or exciting...there was no lag or issues but it was just boring.

With all the ships blowinig up i would of loved to hear some voice overs. Warp Core going
critical..abandon ship...Much radio chatter

Inside Ds9 the mobs were bugged moving through the walls and getting stuck in the walls

In the Ops room there was no mobs (bug), I had to relog several times and then there were mobs

The named mob in Ops dissappeared 2 times and bugged out.

Pro: The rewards for one of the parts was nice a DOFF deck and a BO

Voice overs were ok.

In conclusion I feel that the episodic content fouund in the foundry is far sueprior to the episodic content released by the devs,

Some may say I am being harsh or over reacting. That is not entirely true. I want to like the content but it feels like they still are in the dark and not knowing what to do or that they do not play test it enough.

Score out of a possible 10 : 5