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03-11-2012, 08:23 PM
Its not exactly true that its non cannon for Feds to have carrier ships technically the Akira is a carrier. Thats why it has the front and rear shuttle bays to quote -Alex Jaeger of Industrial Light and Magic (He designed the Akira) "This was my gunship/battlecruiser/aircraft carrier. It has 15 torpedo launchers and two shuttlebays one in front, with three doors, and one in the back. I really got into it with this one, with the whole idea that the front bay would be the launching bay, and then to return they'd come into the back, because they'd be protected by the rest of the ship."

That is not to say they will release carrier ships. I do think it would be cool if they released an Akira variant with the capability of launching fighters as a C-store for Vice Admiral (because its supposed to be a carrier anyway). If cryptic wants to keep carriers as a type of ship only allowed for klinks I wouldn't object though its good to keep the factions different IMO.