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03-11-2012, 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by the_illustrious_q
Still doesn't explain how we got out of the wormhole and back into Federation Space with the Dominion Fleet right there at DS9. That's the plothole. Going to the Gamma Quadrant is fine, it's getting back that's the problem. Contacting Facility 4028 at the end of Of Bajor does nothing to alleviate that gaping hole.
How is it a gaping hole? You come back through, you go to warp.

The shows are inconsistent but STO generally seems to run with the idea that ships can't fight at warp. The plothole is why you needed to distract the Jem'Hadar to use the wormhole to begin with.

You drop out of warp at the wormhole, go through. You can't really to anything to stop a ship moving at warp.