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03-11-2012, 08:34 PM
Short Term
- Additional costume slots for BOffs - perhaps two extra free by default, and additional purchasable from the C-Store

- BOffs should sit on bridges at fixed, sensible locations - going by this Intrepid bridge artwork for example, I'd rather my First Officer be seated next to my player toon rather than bouncing back and forth between random consoles

- Default crew uniforms - nothing is more jarring than having your bridge officers wear one uniform and the rest of your crew retaining their "default Antares garb

- More hairstyle options for the Tailor, especially longer female hairstyles

- More canon bridge / interior designs (e.g. Voyager-style Intrepid set), and definitely no more oversized ones!

- More player captain / bridge officer species for Fed (e.g. Cardassian, Talaxian, Reman) - I'm currently making do with "Alien" for my Cardie Sci Officer, and it would be nice to have authentic Reman BOffs wearing Starfleet uniforms

Long Term
- Ship interior should have actual functionality e.g. Sickbay to treat BOff injuries, Engineering to repair ship injuries, shuttlebay to switch between shuttlecraft, various mini-games, ejectable warp core (why not? ;D)

- Allow users to build / customize their own ship interiors in the Foundry

- Featured Series based on the Delta Quadrant