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03-11-2012, 10:38 PM
Originally Posted by ElChup47
Well, you proceed from the false assumption that I have been one of the whiners. That is your first error. I am simply defending the people that folks like you choose to condecend to. It's called respecting both sides of the argument.

As for not dealing with a consumer base, I am a lawyer. I deal with the public on a daily basis since I provide a service to the public, often in times of great need and on issues significantly more important then the structure of a website, the prgramming of a gem or whatever else. I have doine so for 14 years. What this profession teaches you is that it is absolutely essentially to consider and take on board all perspectives, motivations, feelings and intentions of any statements made by your own client or opponents you may deal with. Can you honestly expect people like me to stay in business if I got together a legion of lawyers to brow beat down a client every time said client asked a question about my advice or actions?

You, sir, may be very good at what you do and understand the technical aspects of running an MMO way more than most of the rest of us do, but what neither you, or some of the other condecending individuals who tell the whiners to shut up, seem to have experience in is the ability to try and understand all perspectives and reasons for the comments of others. If you had this then you see that the ability to understand the feelings of others, whether you agree with said feelings or not, gives essential insight into the motivations of a customer base, and also reveals the need for diplomacy and respect to said customers. Telling people "if you don't like it, stop paying and go elsewhere" is highly ignorant.
I could go on a rather long rant at how I think of your profession serving the public, but that would be construed as immature and inconsiderate so I will refrain from doing so. Your argument would hold water if they were acting like nothing was going to be done to fix it, but it is plainly obvious that is not the case. They are on it, they have explained the issue and what needs to be done to fix it, and they are working on fixing it. So while I do admit that it does suck to not be able to play the game, what is the point of bashing it and the devs? Does that accomplish anything except more bad attitudes? Does it help improve the service? Of course not.

My post was designed to defend the devs against YOUR group's attacks, and I stand justified in my position. No one is perfect even in what they do. If you are truly an "expert" in your field than you should know this all too well. I'm sure you defend your practice all the time when things don't go well, and in your practice things OFTEN don't go well. So don't be hypocritical because that is frankly unprofessional .