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Gemini Fleet Command was hit hard by membership losses (inactive members) some time ago. With the advent of F2P it's activity has increased. We have a few up and coming Captain's entering the STF level.

Gemini Fleet Command is looking for more Captains about to get into STF's to hone our skills as an STF fleet. We are also on the lookout for STF experienced Captains who are willing to train the fleet members in STF tactics and techniques.

We are also looking to start up our PvP side of play, so if you are interested in helping here as well, we are interested.

If you fit into any of these categories or just wish to join our fleet, please feel free to message or contact me in game.

Currently we are most active during the Australian 8pm-10pm weeknights and weekends, but I would like to change this with more international Captains.

Gemini Fleet Command also has a website for STO coordination and for Forum based RP, so if this interests you again, please feel free to contact me or visit us at Gemini Fleet Command

Feel free to ask any questions.