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03-12-2012, 04:26 AM
Hello Mr Developer,

Do you remember a game called 'Star trek Bridge Commander' ,it was based on the bridge of a starship where you assumed the role of a starship captain and fought your space battles through the big view screen on the bridge.
Well I would like you to develope a five man S.T.F or a series that made more of ship bridge operations.

When I go to the bridge of my ship I see my officers working away at their consoles but I cannot communicate with them, I want this to change.

I want either be able to give orders to them on the bridge as captain or assume the role of a bridge officer so I can carry out an orders and operate console commands.

Imagine an STF where three to five players are able to assume the roles of Helmsman,Sience,Engineer,Tactical,Security or Captain and find solutions to different situations in real time.

Bridge officers could contact duty officers and have them carry out ship repairs an help solve all sorts of internal ship problems.
I think this idea is do-able.