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03-12-2012, 05:28 AM
Originally Posted by Yreodred
I have done that mission now about 4 or 5 times with different Characters, every Ship/captain and Captain/Kit combination needs a different strategy, of course.

My point was that the NPCs got some unfair advantages, imo.
(Torpedoes that rip your shields apart in one salvo in space and cloaking, mine laying while cloaked and mines that can kill you instantly when things go bad on ground)
I don't see a reason to make NPCs THAT overpowered, thats all.

My other point was that i noticed that the devs seem to think that NPCs (Borg and now Dominion) need some unfair one-shot Weapons.

Live long and prosper.
I didn't notice any mine laying while cloaked, and the only cloaking was the Jem'Hadar shrouds. You can see the mines being laid, although they disappear straight after. But as I said, you've got to plan ahead, get to somewhere you can take cover easily to let your shields regen between shots etc, and use all of your abilities. The empty shops along the promenade are great for this. A series of premade bunkers to fall back to.

Regarding the torpedo salvos, they're nowhere near on a par with the Borg invisible torpedo-o-doom. I was surviving them on the rare occasion I got them, and it was the NPCs catching most of the heat unless I used torpedo spread or something. The Borg ones will instagib anyone, these, not the case.

The NPC fights required more thought tha normal, but it's not like there's no way of doing them without having to respawn lots, it just takes a little thought prior to action.