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# 233 Im afraid,
03-12-2012, 06:19 AM
when i read all the whining on the "hard" promenade grnd part and the so "hard" space part, that they will make the mission easier, PLEASE DONT DO IT, its not necessary, maybe some should think about there tactics!!!

I loved the episode!

Okay i was surprised about the power of the JemHadar on grnd (1st time with eng = 1 die on promenade, just 1 yes !!), i changed my tactics (1st of all slowing down the fight, bringing distance between me and ...)
the same in the Ops.
Had not one respawn, when i did it my 2nd time with my tac!!
No problems with my favorites ,my sci chars, at all.

The space spawn point is a hard nut, but again a almost similar tactic means bringing distance to the main bulk of enemies (erasive,deuterium surplus, polarize hull whatever) and than the situation is different and much easier to handle.

Some say they died 8 times in the space part, SORRY HOW DID U MAKE THAT???

I cant understand that, im just a fun player not big looking on the statistics mathematics or whatever , so i have just a good old Aegis set (or old borg sets on my ships ...... so nothing special)
My 1st (automated ) reaction in space was hitting reverse shield polarity and away of that bulk.....


P.S.: Im really happy that not every mission is a brainless-"arcade shooter like"-walk through