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03-12-2012, 10:38 AM
1. The Breen; I really liked this one a lot, as they introduced a new group of allies (Deferi) as well as a couple of new space sectors, so it was like we were actually exploring new portions of the galaxy. The Breen are mean and tough, and they require different strategies for defeating them (avoid those cold weapons!). The 5 missions are straightforward and clear. I liked the "stand on the spots to get the map piece" mission, too. Plus, the rewards were very helpful (especially when you could play these missions as a low-level alt).

2. Devidians; I didn't like this FE at all when I first played it, as ground combat was still not improved at the time and it took forever to crawl around that ship in the dark and plink-plink-plink away at the creatures. Once they did the ground combat overhaul, I learned how great this series really is. I enjoy it a lot. It's got the right mix of action, puzzles, exploration, and suspense. Very well done.

3. Romulans; This series was fair at best. I really don't like The Vault or the final mission, "Catwalk Chaos" (who would design a town like that anyway???). The middle missions were fun, though, and I really liked making an alliance with Obisek. It makes sense for the Federation to find SOMEONE among the Romulan/Remans to team up with.

4. 2800; The last 2 missions saved this series from utter failure. Mission 1 was boring until the end. Mission 2 is the absolute WORST mission in the game (yes, even worse than Stop the Signal), mission 3 is a pain in the neck (plus you have to do this one twice to get the good gear). I really liked the last 2 missions, though. If the entire series had been like these last 2 missions, it would have been a spectacular series.